Our dedicated team of doctors have extensive experience in the general practice setting. Our GP’s can provide to all your general health care
needs from a simple prescription to complex health care plans and everything in between.

Dr Ugo Egesi
Dr Ugo EgesiDoctor
Ugo has been in general practice for over a decade, having practices in Victoria and overseas before moving to Western Australia.
Dr Toyin Orioye
Dr Toyin OrioyeDoctor
Toyin has been a general practitioner for over a decade. He is a fellow of the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioner’s) .
Dr Renuka Ranasinghe
Dr Renuka RanasingheDoctor
Dr Renuka Sharon Ranasinghe qualified in the UK in 1990 and had 20 years of experience in the UK.
Dr Tatenda Mukwena
Dr Tatenda MukwenaDoctor
We are happy to welcome Dr Tatenda to the team at Shoalwater Medical Centre. She is available for appointments Monday – Friday.
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